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2004-01-06 – iota fixed

Tor Henning fixed up iota; the problem was related to some people not having any mail addresses. This caused InnovisionBoard to freak out, it seems. So, removed that issue, at least, even though it’s not I who have done it. (read more …)

2004-01-06 – genericwiki sucks.

The genericwiki module in pybloxsom sucks. It doesn’t have bulleted lists, for instance, and adding them is not something which I feel like doing at this time of the day. I should probably just sit down and write my own wikiparser, probably based off the CVSWiki parser, which I find mostly sane (not so surprising, since it’s made by my friend Sesse, who mostly makes sane or at least non-insane software. (read more …)

2004-01-06 – sleep patterns

my sleep pattern has gotten increasingly worse over the whole vacation. I’m now going to bed at about 06:00 and sleeping until 13:00 or 14:00. My body isn’t used to this at all. At least I’ve had some time tonight to get some useful work done, that much is good. This is my last night in Oslo, tomorrow I’ll be taking the bus to Trondheim, hopefully fixing my sleep pattern on the way there (the bus leaves at 23:00. (read more …)

2004-01-06 – test

ok, this is just a test that the CVS autocheckin actually works.. Ok, it does. (read more …)

2004-01-06 – more on the sleep patterns stuff

Last night (or rather, this morning), when trying to sleep, I began to think about the sleep patterns thing. Naturally, I couldn’t begin writing it all down, since I’d then never fall asleep, so I figured I might be able to remember it when I woke up again. Luckiliy, I did. I think I’m not able to sleep at the moment, since I’m fully rested after the christmas vacation. Wooo :) That’s very, very good news, and something I’ve been loooking forward to for some time. (read more …)

2004-01-07 – bus, bus, bus

Taking the bus from Trondheim to Oslo was very, very nice. That one left Trondheim at 10:00 and was in Oslo at approximately 18:00. The bus was nice and big and spacy. The bus back again was a regular bus, and I slept just a few hours. Luckily, I’m fairly well-rested, so I’m fine, even though I’ll have a full day today. Lucky me. It was nice meeting Hanne again, we talked a bit and went around in Oslo, shopping a little and wandering around. (read more …)

2004-01-07 – moving stuff, cleaning and such

Since my blog is still fairly new, it's a little bit in flux. I've moved Debian from / to /tech, and trying to put some non-Debian tech pieces in there. Thanks to Apache's nice RedirectMatch support, it was just one line in a .htaccess file. I'm not sure if that'll scale if I continue moving stuff around, but I hope so. I am of the firm belief that URLs which are published and not clearly temporary (includes /tmp or /temporary or something) should be valid for as long as possible, even when it's painful to maintain it. (read more …)

2004-01-07 – The first day of the semester

So, there passed the first day of the semester. As I wrote, I didn't sleep too much last night, so I've been a bit tired most of the day. I've been to this "Experts in team", where we are organized in "villages" which will then be subdivided into teams. Our village has the theme "Art and IT", which might turn out very interesting or dead boring. I'm not sure yet, but we'll see soon enough. (read more …)

2004-01-08 – the hiccups.

I hate it when I get the hiccups. I’ve been having hiccups the whole afternoon, especially after I’ve drunk or eaten anything. I just hope nothing’s wrong with me. I’ve drunk a bit too much coke, but I’m soon off to bed; lectures tomorrow. Be a good student. Be a good student. Be a good student. (read more …)

2004-01-08 – AMD64 64 bit glibc fixed (hopefully)

I’ve now cleaned up the patch for building the 64 bit amd64 glibc. It should be fine and work well, but since it haven’t built yet, I don’t know that for sure. Thanks to Snow-Man for testing the package for me, and also big thanks to maswan for helping me out when my AMD64 box is 500 kms away and powered off on a desk. He also let me have root to test the packages and didn’t go mad when I had to break out of the chroot to install a package. (read more …)