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2004-01-03 – Working, but not.

ok, got the amd64 to build, using a fairly ok-ish patch. Problem with 32 bit libc6 and amd64 seems to be related to the ds1 repackaging (and resyncing with upstream CVS). The joy of trying to wade through a 89k line patch trying to pinpoint what the problem is. (read more …)

2004-01-04 – borkenness.

You just love it when you have a spare system that you might be able to use to build glibc and it just dies? Nice MP2600+, dual CPU and everything. splat. Dead. No reaction from ping, nothing. It sucks. (read more …)

2004-01-04 – yay setup, yay cvs

I have my $HOME in CVS, as joeyh has described on anoncvs-over-cvs and cvshomedir. I also check it out onto the web. Quite nice and convenient. Now I’ve also gotten the weblogging software set up; quite ok once Oskuro told me about the fact that the version in unstable is old and broken, and that there is a newer version in experimental. I think I might want some better way of autolinking stuff I’m writing, but so far, I’m sticking with the plain frontend. (read more …)

2004-01-04 – 32bit glibc trouble worked around

The problem with the 32bit glibc on 64bit AMD64 can be worked around fairly easily. The problem seems somehow connected to the optimized libraries placed in /lib/tls. The workaround is to just move /lib/tls out of the way, and hey presto: glibc works again. Of course, this is just a workaround, but it’ll do for now. I’ll give the lib64c6 some attention and upload it to Alioth once Alioth is back on line. (read more …)

2004-01-04 – another day.

Not too much interesting happened today. I carried a lot of boxes from a cellar into an attic, a total of six floors or thereabout. A bit tired because of that. Got home afterwards, had a beer, ate some dinner, ate som ice-cream. Been hanging out on IRC the rest of the evening, setting up pybloxsom and fixing a little bit on the web pages. Looking forward to getting back to Trondheim, Oslo is a bit boring at the moment. (read more …)

2004-01-04 – nifty devices/programs somebody should write and implement

When out biking today, I thought of a few programs which would be immensely useful (and not so much): thought recorder. How often haven’t you had a brilliant idea or something you must remember, but once you get somewhere you’ll be able to write it down, you’ve forgotten? a good bandwidth shaper. I want to be able to: throttle one flow (one of my connections might be an rsync over ssh. (read more …)

2004-01-05 – sunday, vacation soon to an end

another day, and the vacation is getting closer to an end. I’m looking forward to getting back to Trondheim, with my friends, my apartment, my machines and the usual stuff, like samfundet, the university and everything. I’ve been carrying computers for a few hours today as well, some are going to be saved, some are going to a flea-market, and some are going to a computer museum in Trondheim (if we can get them shipped to Trondheim without incurring too high costs). (read more …)

2004-01-05 – benchmarks, benchmarks

#parser textile I’m considering the following list of benchmarks: price guide update lame/oggenc mencoder/transcode apachebench spamassassin, sa-learn Mersenne primes Those should make the system churn a bit, and also be typical of some things you’ll actually do with a system, in production. Will be fun. (read more …)

2004-01-05 – yay, todolist now working.

this is kinda cool, if you take a look at my blog, you’ll see the todo list at the right side. This is just hacked together from the booklist (which I also fixed so that I can have different book lists in different categories). I think I like pyblosxom. As soon as the code is cleaned up a little bit, I’ll post it. (read more …)

2004-01-05 – productive day.

Unlike yesterday and most other days this christmas, today has been most productive. First, I woke up, chatted a bit on IRC and then suddenly remembered that it was Monday today, and that I was supposed to be at the University of Oslo to upgrade the main Skolelinux server. pere asked when I was going to be there, so I biked over. A bit of snow in the air, but nothing much. (read more …)