Bizarre slapd (and gnutls) failures
1 minute read

Just this morning, I was setting up TLS on a LDAP host, but slapd refused to start afterwards with a bizarre error message:

TLS init def ctx failed: -207

The key and certificate was freshly generated using openssl on my laptop (running wheezy, so OpenSSL 1.0.0d-3). After a bit of googling, I discovered that -207 is gnutls-esque for “Base64 error”. Of course, the key looks just fine and decodes fine using base64, openssl base64 and even gnutls’s own certtool.

Now, certtool also spits out what it considers the right base64 version of the key and I noticed it differed. Using the one certtool output seems to work, though, so if you ever run into this problem try running the key through certtool --infile foo.pem -k and use the base64 representation it outputs.

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