libvmod_curl – using cURL from inside Varnish Cache
1 minute read

It’s sometimes necessary to be able to access HTTP resources from inside VCL. Some use cases include authentication or authorization where a service validates a token and then tell Varnish whether to proceed or not.

To do this, we recently implemented libvmod_curl which is a set of cURL bindings for VCL so you can fetch remote resource easily. HTTP would be the usual method, but cURL also supports other protocols such as LDAP or POP3.

The API is very simple, to use it you would do something like:

require curl;

sub vcl_recv {
    curl.fetch("http://authserver/validate?key=" + regsub(req.url, ".*key=([a-z0-9]+), "\1"));
    if (curl.status() != 200) {
        error 403 "Go away";

Other methods you can use are curl.header(headername) to get the contents of a given header and curl.body() to get the body of the response. See the README file in the source for more information.

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