Days blurring together
1 minute read

The last two days are a little blurry, but I think I have them somewhat separated. I left work early yesterday to see Karianne, and we walked around downtown Oslo to buy some textile fabrics for the LARP in August. It was very nice to see her again, I’ve missed her a lot. We met up with Bodil and went to eat some food. Afterwards, it was the weekly LARP beer. We stayed for a while and Ragnhild (Hutchy) and I ended up writing a LARP howto ; that is: how to become a LARP player. Walked home with Bodil and Karianne afterwards, where we had a good time playing with the ferrets and watching simpsons on DVD

Today, we were at the NUUG barbecue, which was fun. Meeting new and old people, then walking home with Karianne afterwards. It was nice and refreshing. The weather has also been nice lately. My father was still up when we came home, so we sat around and talked for a little while before going to bed.

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