Last week (or so)
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We were going to move all the servers from our old ISP to a new one, and in order to prepare a bit for all eventualities, we moved a single server on Thursday. It was a good experience, and we discovered stuff like the fact that the network was broken. Or rather, it wasn’t up yet. One of the people from the network provider was there and we chatted a bit before deciding on we would leave the server in the rack and he’d call me if he had any problems getting the network up and running. It was up sometime on Friday, so that was nice.

Friday, we ran about finding missing pieces we needed for the move. In addition, I got some more registrar work done. An SSL certificate was ordered but it got hung up somewhere in Thawte’s system.

Monday, we ran even more about, this time actually finding the parts we needed. The servers were shut down at 2200, we finished getting them out of the rack and into the trunk of Amund’s car a little after 2400. Getting the servers into the new rack didn’t take too much time, but configuring everything correctly took a while. We had some issues with Apache’s virtual hosts and DNS, but it got worked out. I also managed to misconfigure the mail server (or rather, its DNS entry) somewhat, so the route ended up somewhere in Italy. We finished at about 0730, and even though everything wasn’t triple checked, we were so tired that going home was the best option.

As I came into work at 1300 today, Tuesday, I got a pile of stuff thrown onto me: the mail server didn’t work properly, a few hosts were misconfigured and so on. Fixed this and sent in the two change requests to NORID so we ended up with three DNS servers operational again.

Had some food with Anders and Amund at Peppes before fixing tying up some loose threads. Ended up discussing my fan control project with Amund before going home.

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