Cross installations
1 minute read

Most of today was spent helping webdeal with one of their Opteron servers. They are more used to Intel hardware and *BSD, while said machine runs Linux. They have had some performance problems with another one, so I helped them tune this one a bit, and it ended up with fairly nice performance.

After some food, I went to the server room and continued to work on the server, now reinstalling it with Debian (we had done the tests in a Debian chroot inside a Mandrake installation, since that was the CD I had available). Unfortunately, I had to cross-install using the already existing installation as the Woody CD didn’t find the RAID controller. It worked fairly well, but during this process the whole circuit breaker decided that the rack had overloaded it, so it threw itself and the whole rack went quite silent quite fast. After a few phone calls and running about, I managed to get it all running again, just a few systems needed a manual fsck.

Got the system installed and left the server room, tired but happy.

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