Meetings and registrar work
1 minute read

Friday, I managed to actually get some work done. Anders brought back one of the servers from the server room on Thursday, and the reason for it being broken was one of the coolers having come loose. The cpu was fairly burnt, and after a short while, I gave up getting it to work. Left work early to meet up with Karianne.

Monday, I’ve been mostly in a board meeting. We discussed for some hours, slowly getting through the list of items we were to process. Due to an oversight, we had to cut the meeting short, so we’ll continue on Wednesday. Will be fun, I guess..

The rest of the day, I spent doing registrar stuff, going through the huge pile of mess that is our current set of domains. It’ll be good once it’s cleaned up, but right now, it’s a huge pile of work, just waiting for me to go through it tomorrow.

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