Busy, busy. Tie-work.
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Yesterday, I was mostly working on domain and registrar stuff. Fairly simple stuff, but it takes a lot of work to get everything working properly and the infrastructure set up. It seems like most parts are coming to the right place, even though it feels like I’m doing nothing at work for the time being. I think I’m fairly efficient, but most of my work goes into making others be able to get their work done, which is a good thing, but it’s still fairly frustrating for me, as it feels bad getting paid for doing “nothing”.

Today, I started out with a general assembly in Opera Software. Then, I got to work; I nearly got into the office before I had other work to do and ended up in some discussion or another. We had a small emergency when Anders plugged a computer into the non-crossed uplink port on the switch as well as the uplink itself. Everything died and we used about thirty minutes to track down the problem. Then, it was lunch, and after that, Stein Magnus came in and we went out and discussed some work he’ll be doing for us this summer.

Got back in, then headed off for the server room where we moved a few computers out of one of the racks and into the next one. Went fairly ok. I also debugged why mju (actually, she’s called “my”, since that’s the Norwegian spelling) didn’t seem to come up properly after a boot. It seems like 2.4 and 2.6 number the network interfaces differently. Anders picked up alfa and took a taxi back to the office while I headed off for the NUUG barbecue, which was nice.

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