Work, work, work
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I’ve been meaning to blog about what I’ve been doing each day at work, since it will make my life a lot better at the end of the weeks and end of the summer. Of course, I haven’t done so far, but I’m trying to start now.

Last Friday was my first day of work this summer. Most of the day was spent trying to set myself up, getting DHCP working, saying “Hi” to everybody and so on.

Yesterday, Monday, was spent in meetings. We met about what we’re going to do this summer, the future direction of the company and so on, and so on. Not too much fun, but still fairly needed to do. We’re going to have both a board meeting and a shareholder’s meeting the first Monday.

Today, we got access cards to the new server room, which was good. Talked a bit with everybody, and we have a huge bunch of work to do, both work to be done, and it also seems like there’s a shadow hanging over us, something which we have to fix and talk about. It sucks and will take time, but it’s absolutely necessary.

Worked a bit on registrar stuff as well, which was good to get started on. There’s a bunch of work there as well, and a nice, big backlog to start with. Will be fun tomorrow.

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