Abusing usplash
1 minute read

Last night, I ended up hacking on the usplash and casper codebases until about 0500 (local time) in the morning (mostly due to the developer status meeting at 0200 UTC).

usplash had a fairly icky bug where it would choke and die if the fifo filled up and it got “incomplete” commands. No longer, it now uses a buffer which it fills up and then processes, handling partial commands and such correctly.

casper-md5check is a tool which does md5summing according to a list of files, similar to the regular md5sum program, but with one notable exception: it does progress information through usplash. So, since the live CD has a huge file which is the compressed live file system, just doing a per-file progress bar would be silly and inaccurate. It therefore does a size-based progress bar which looks quite neat.

If the debian-cd config has already been updated, just pulling down today’s daily cd and choosing “integrity check” should show you the nice little hack.

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