The Canonical Matarò conference
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Four months have passed since the last Canonical Conference, which happened in Oxford. The December conference, nicknamed “The Matarò Sessions” was held in Matarò, just outside of Barcelona in Spain.

The travel to the conference was uneventful. Plane from Trondheim to Amsterdam, a bit more than an hour in Amsterdam, then plane further on to Barcelona. I called Fabbione after I came through customs. He arrived at a different terminal than I, so I headed over there and we met up. Train to Matarò itself and then a short walk to the hotel. We then went out and ate some food at a nearby Chinese place.

Karianne arrived in the early afternoon on Monday. Even though we were only separated for a day, it was nice to see her again. Most of the day was taken up with BOFs and we had a bunch of very productive discussions. I also got a fair amount of work done, fixing bugs and uploading packages.

Tuesday was not such a good day. The BOFs were a bit less interesting and I had a hard time concentrating on my tasks. We went to the Chinese place again and it was a disaster. Or, not a disaster, but they didn’t do a very good job. First, they used ages and ages for getting me food. Then they took even longer getting Karianne her food. Then they gave my food to somebody else (yes, you. The sharks at the end of the table. You know who you are). Then Karianne got her main course. Then she got her starter. I waited a fair bit more for my main course to arrive. It was good when I got it, and I had gotten my starter, luckily.

Wednesday was a bit more productive again, getting a bunch of bugs squashed and fun BOFs. Actually, this was the day some serious crack-smoking projects started, namely Quick Boot. As part of this, “hotplug should start all hardware-related init-scripts” came along. (So hotplug detects you have a sound card and starts alsa-base. It detects you have a network interface and configures, and so on.) Daniel Stone made the X startup a lot faster as well, eliminating a fair bunch of loops and file system overhead.

I started working on fixing some bugs on Thursday. It has a problem where it currently links the normal to libgnomevfs, which is of course wrong. The patch ended up being fairly simple, and I’m liking the build system a bit. Scary! One of the nice things about Openoffice’s build system is it saves the applied patch. This means you can’t break it by editing a patch without removing it, unlike dpatch (for instance). We went to a very nice resturant in the evening, where somebody stole Karianne’s camera. She’s insured and all that, but it’s a nuisance nonetheless.

Karianne left on Friday, just after Amaya and a bit before helix arrived. I worked a bit more on Openoffice, including an upload, but it didn’t build due to some silliness. The problem of testing Openoffice’s build system is fairly large, even with ccache it takes a couple of hours to build.

I didn’t do much on Saturday, got up, breakfast and hung about a little before leaving for the train station. It has been a good week and I’ve gotten a lot of work done. Seeing all the crazy canonical people have been fun as well, with lots of interesting technical and non-technical discussions. I’m sorry I had to leave early, but my last two exams are happening on Monday and Friday, and I should really start preparing for those.

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