Debconf 5, so far
1 minute read

Debconf 5 has been a good experience so far. Mostly, at least. Talked with a lot of people. Many old friend, some new ones. Productive discussions about everything from how to handle libpam-umask and its integration with shadow and possible integration with upstream pam to more or less an reiteration of last year’s discussion on how to handle Debian contributors who are not (package) maintainers. Other stuff we’ve done is building a Debian sand castle (with multiarch support), building multiple pyramids out of empty beer glasses and random other crazyness.

Karianne had to go home to Oslo today. She didn’t feel too well, being tired and feeling unproductive here. I hope she gets enough rest until I get home and we can have some nice days before the LARP in the end of the month.

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