DELAYED queue and Mailman hacking
1 minute read

Got back home today and was a bit tired so instead of going dancing, I decided to hack Mailman. Moved the repository to Alioth, set things up fairly ok (at least I think so) and converted the whole system to dpatch. Also created a mailing list so my co-maintainers will soon be able to help out.

Sesse asked about whether the DELAYED queue was fixed after the break-in, which it, to the best of my knowledge isn’t. So I hacked up a small script to run as a DELAYED queue. I think it works as well, and there are already two NMUs in, so it’ll be nice to see if it works and we can actually have a working DELAYED queue again. It should be possible to upload to it through something like:

 method = scp
 fqdn =
 incoming = ~tfheen


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