gcc, glibc, amd64
1 minute read

I don’t like gcc. I don’t like glibc. And I surely don’t like them on amd64. I’ve been trying to get an up-to-date biarch GCC built for amd64. This failed due to glibc (32 bit) not being biarch. So I started rebuilding glibc in biarch mode. It killed first alfa, one of the boxes at work (nothing critical, I was supposed to stress-test it). Then I killed ravel, one of the developer-accessible AMD64 machines. This was of course due to a kernel bug, so after maswan went out there and rebooted the machine, we got a new kernel installed; this one seems fairly stable so far. So, in order to rebuild gcc so that I can test that the new glibc works, I’ll have to rebuild glibc (32 bit), then gcc (biarch) then at last glibc (32 and 64 bit). Fun, isn’t it?

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