nifty devices/programs somebody should write and implement
1 minute read

When out biking today, I thought of a few programs which would be immensely useful (and not so much):

  • thought recorder. How often haven’t you had a brilliant idea or something you must remember, but once you get somewhere you’ll be able to write it down, you’ve forgotten?
  • a good bandwidth shaper. I want to be able to: throttle one flow (one of my connections might be an rsync over ssh. That does not mean you should throttle all my other ssh connections as well) and throttle one “class” (say, throttle all HTTP traffic)

Of course, this list is missing at least five items, because I don’t have the first item. And, as an added bonus, I’ve begun thinking in English instead of Norwegian for the last day or so. Annoying, but I guess it’ll pass once I’m back at the university or something.

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