ekey happiness
1 minute read

In my last post about the ekey, I complained about two things: memory leak in the server and missing reconnects if the client was disconnected for any reason. I’ve meaning to blog about the follow up for while, but haven’t had the time before now.

Quite quickly after my blog post, Simtec engineers got in touch on IRC and we worked together to find out what the memory leak problem was. They also put in the reconnect support I asked for. All this in less than a week, for a device which only cost £36.

To make things even better, they picked up some other small bug fixes/requests from me, such as making ekeyd-egd-linux just Suggest ekeyd and the latest release (1.1.1) seems to have fixed some more problems.

All in all, I’m very happy about it. To make things even better, Ian Molton (of Collabora) has been busy fixing up virtio_rng in the kernel and adding EGD support (including reconnection support) to qemu and thereby KVM. Hopefully all this hits the next stable releases and I can retire my egd-over-stunnel hack.

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