Kernel patches and the TEMPer USB thermometer
1 minute read

Today, I submitted my two first patches to the kernel. One is fairly trivial (remove a USB ID from the pl2303 driver), the other is a fixup of a patch from some other guy, which adds support for DTR, RTS and CTS to the ch341 driver. Yay, hopefully they’ll get accepted.

The reason for this journey into kernel land is I got a TEMPer USB thermometer in the mail yesterday. After a fair bit of digging around, I found some source code to drive it from C# and Windows. I wanted to poke at it from Linux and C.

After more poking, I found it’s an I2C device connected to the USB serial adapter, where you talk to it by twiddling DTR, RTS and CTS. The C# code was fairly easy to port, so now I can get temperature readings from the command line. The code is a quick hack, but I guess it might be interesting to some people. Oh, and the calibration seems entirely off (but it was off in Windows too), so feedback on whether it’s more accurate for other people would be appreciated.

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