A moderately complicated OpenWRT setup
2 minutes read

At home, I have had a setup with a wireless router for quite a while. It’s more or less a stock OpenWRT setup, but I have split the joined all the wired ports into one virtual interface (actually, I think they’re just on one VLAN) and split off the wireless. The wireless is open to the world, but I have a fair amount of packet filters there so it doesn’t get too annoying. Some people have no shame and run bittorrent and other file sharing utilities on other people’s open wireless.

Anyway, my setup is no longer so simple. I bought a WRT54GL to provide better reception in other parts of the flat and wanted to join those two. After a little bit of reading, I found what I wanted: WDS. Due to a previous misconfiguration of the WRT54GS, the WDS connection was joined onto the br0/LAN segment and not the wireless segment. That was easily enough fixed, but it’s always a bit scary to change network settings on headless devices. (I did manage to lock myself out, but I could ssh through in from the wireless network, so I just used the WRT54GL to bounce through.) Once that bit was up, I could set up WDS, I did as the documentation told me and did it with lazywds (anyone can do WDS with you) enabled. It worked, so I turned it off and rebooted both routers (again..), and it still worked. Yay!

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