Nokia 770, initial experiences. The software version is 1.2005.42-9
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which is what was shipped with it, and I think there might be a newer firmware out there which fixes some of the issues.

I just got my Nokia 770 and I must say it’s a nice device. Some initial experiences are:

  • No pen calibration on bootup. Nice and cool. All other handheld devices have that, but the 770 seems to work just fine without it. Kudos.

  • It’s not a PDA. No PIM thingy built-in, the device asks for its own name, but not the user’s.

  • It doesn’t show that it’s running Linux. I find this quite cool, as it shows that you can produce devices which run Linux and feel like they’re targetted at non-geeks.

  • The device feels sluggish and lacks feedback when doing stuff, whether it be closing an application, launching an application and so on. This makes it sometimes hard to know whether it has caught your action or not. Also, sometimes menus pop up for half a second, then goes away.

  • The 770 has support for multiple applications at the same time. Works well enough, I guess.

  • I want something to protect the screen, or I know it will develop scratches from the pencil over time. I guess I can get something from a shop in not too long.

  • When putting the lid on, it’s quite neat that it turns off the screen the moment the lid closes. I’ll have to investigate how they do this. Hub thought it might be a magnet. Getting an X-Ray of the whole device would probably show.

  • The feed reader needs work, I want to mark stuff as “read” explicitly and not just have a rolling list of news where I need to know where I was.

  • Reduced-size MMC cards appear to be cheap. Around 30€ for a 512MB card which should be enough for a fair amount of music. I need to find an Ogg Vorbis player as well.

All in all, mostly happy, but there are still a bunch of rough edges which should be smoothed away in a few more revisions.

I’ll see if I can get a development environment up and running on it, as well as getting a newer firmware onto the device (if I can find it; I wonder if the developer rootfs on is newer or not..), but all that’s for tomorrow.

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