Warbussing (or something like that)
1 minute read

Since I don’t have a decent media player at the moment, I’m using my laptop for listening to music. I’m going to a talk by Cory Doctorow tonight, in Oslo. That means 45 minutes on a plane with a bit less than an hour on a bus in each end. Being bored, I’ve been running iwlist scan periodically. Some fun results I’ve had:

  • ESSID: “privat, hold deg unna” (private, keep out)
  • ESSID: “Johnny”. Who guesses where in Oslo I saw this?

A little less than half the networks seems to be running unencrypted. The biggest number of APs I’ve seen at once was 15. Once I got within the city proper, I don’t think I’ve seen less than four or five at any time.

I hope the number of unencrypted networks keeps high. It would be awesomely cool if we could actually get good, working roaming between the different networks so you could sit on the bus and actually use the networks, not just see them.

Update: Make that 19, not 15. No, 20. It seems iwlist scan runs into a bit of trouble then, truncating the output so it just displays the MAC address of the AP.

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