TDB backend for evolution-data-server
1 minute read

The first, initial version of the libtdb backend for evolution-data-server is ready. It seems to work fine so far (for me), but is probably buggy. Feedback appreciated.

To use it:

  1. download the tarball

  2. unpack into evolution-data-server/addressbook/backends

  3. adjust evolution-data-server/addressbook/ and appropriately.

  4. rerun auto*

  5. build evolution-data-server. The backend should now be in evolution-data-server/addressbook/backends/tdb/.libs/ and can either be installed with make install or just copied to /usr/lib/evolution-data-server-1.2/extensions/ (adjust as appropriate)

To actually use the backend, you have to add a new type to the e-d-s backend. This is sillily complex, but I haven’t gotten around to actually fixing evolution yet. This is done by running (relative to your evolution-data-server build tree) ./libedataserver/test-source-list --key=/apps/evolution/addressbook/sources --add-group="TDB" --set-base-uri="tdb:///home/tfheen/.evolution/addressbook/local". Adjust the/home/tfheen` part if you’re not me. You should then be able to add a new address book to the TDB category in Evolution.

Again, feedback is appreciated; this is very much a product of release early, release often so the installation instructions aren’t the best. Yet, at least.

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