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Evolution-data-server (or e-d-s for short) seems to be a fairly nice piece of software. It’s being more and more integrated with the gnome desktop and other non-gnome applications such as gaim are using it. I prefer to be able to use my tools from the command line and I want to hook e-d-s into gnus so I can actually look up email addresses and maintain that inside of gnus.

I started writing some command line tools tonight and discovered that the API documentation isn’t really up to speed. It lacks a lot of documentation. The header files are readable enough that I manage to navigate with just those and a fair amount of trial and error. So far, the command line tool just spits out all the people from all the address books with no way to search or do anything useful with the information, but it’s a good start. I just hope integration with bbdb and gnus will go smooth.

I was in tridge’s talk on ldb this morning. ldb is a lightweight database with an LDIF/LDAP frontend which can use tdb, “trivial database” as its backend. E-d-s uses Sleepycat DB as the backend, and I have some performance problems there, in addition to the fact that I never liked libdb. I therefore started writing a tdb backend for e-d-s. It’s a lot of cut-and-paste from the file backend, but that just means I save a lot of time.

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