Breaking stuff
1 minute read

Yesterday was all about breaking and not getting stuff to work properly. First, I broke pkg-config with the 0.17 release. The pkg.m4 included there broke because I’m a twit and misunderstood what James Henstridge said and then failed to test the changes properly. 0.17.1 was released this morning to fix this issue as well as the backwards test for whether inter-library dependencies are supported or not.

Later in the day, I fumbled around with getting LaTeX to frame a part of my thesis with a shaded background. After a lot off googling around, I found framed.sty which does what I want without any fuss. Yay. Now I’ll just have to actually write the content.

Right now, I’m fixing up stuff again. Jeff Bailey is fixing some bugs in mkinitrd for us at work, which is kinda cool to watch through a shared screen session. IRC + shared screen is fun.

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