PWM fan controller
1 minute read

I’ve talked a fair amount about my fan controller project earlier, but today, the project entered a new phase. I got it running on my own hardware (earlier, I used a friends STK500 development board, and his computer and so on, so I actually had no code from then). The basic stuff is working: I can adjust the speed from 0% to 90% duty cycle using the small switches.

I now need to get the code needed for a serial protocol going and I’m all set. The code is fairly easy, about 60 lines of C so far and I’m hoping the serial code will be easy as well. In addition, I need to make a proper board with real connectors and everything.

I also took a few pictures, so it’s apparent for the world I can’t solder at all. The Atmel Mega32 microcontroller is a cute piece of hardware, though.

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