Contentfilter (or mod_replace, or whatever) for pyblosxom
1 minute read

Annoyed at Liferea not handling Daniel Silverstone putting … entities in his blog feed (which really isn’t the fault of him, nor of Liferea, but rather of Planet, which doesn’t make sure it spits out valid XML. So I threw together a small piece of code translating said entity to the unicode equivalent. Stop-gap measure, sure, but it works.

In case you are interested, the code is as follows:

__author__ = "Tollef Fog Heen"
__version__ = "0 (2004-11-01)"
__url__ = ""

def cb_postformat(args):
    request = args["request"]
    entry_data = args["entry_data"]
    for k in entry_data.keys():
        entry_data[k] = entry_data[k].replace("…", "…")

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