Chasing bugs.
1 minute read

Evolution 2.0 does not work properly on AMD64 in Ubuntu. Tracing this bug, I eventually found out it’s no fault of Evolution. Neither is it the fault of evolution-data-server, which I had the culprit for a long time. It then looked like the bug was in ORBit, which it wasn’t, I was merely confusing myself with debug output.

On returning to evolution-data-server, I eventually found something weird in the file backend. It was, for some reason, unable to open a new libdb database. Weird, I thought. Looked up, and it failed with EINVAL. Googling a bit around, I found out this can be caused by the the usage of the DB_THREAD flag to DB->open. Hacking a bit more around, I found out that evolution at least starts without it. Woo, goodie.

So, how do I make the system support DB_THREAD? Recompile glibc. Of course, enabling NPTL on amd64 causes a whole lot of other failures.


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