A followup on the email clients thread - wanderlust
2 minutes read

As I got a bunch of feedback from different people about different clients, I promised to try them and give some feedback on how they worked.

So, I’ve taken a look at wanderlust. It’s written in elisp, but by some Japanese. I generally dislike software written by Japanese people as their docs suck (most Japanese can’t write English, it seems), so it is often difficult to get working. So also with wanderlust. After a bit of wrestling, I discovered that it was using openssl for handling the SSL tunnel, while openssl was really unhappy about the fact that my mail server is using a self-signed certificate. After putting said certificate into the right place and whacking c_rehash to do the right thing, it now seems to work fairly well.

Wanderlust is fast, very fast. I really dislike the default folder overview, mostly for two reasons: it is cluttered: Wanderlust

And there is no way to sort the folders on criteria. I don’t want to maintain a .folders file with all my folders, they are created on the mail server automatically, and I want my MUA to pick them up as they appear.

If somebody knows how to customize the folder look a bit, I might stay with wanderlust. Also, getting it to actually understand that IMAP folders form a tree would be most useful.

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