SVN on crack
1 minute read

Subversion is on crack:

 : tfheen@yiwaz ..xternal/pkg-mailman/trunk > svn up
svn: Working copy ‘.’ locked svn: run ‘svn cleanup’ to remove locks (type ‘svn help cleanup’ for details) : tfheen@yiwaz ..xternal/pkg-mailman/trunk >

Oh well, let’s try something else, then:

  : tfheen@yiwaz ..xternal/pkg-mailman/trunk > svn cleanup
  svn: In directory “
  svn: Error processing command ‘delete-entry’ in “
  svn: Working copy ‘upstream’ not locked
  : tfheen@yiwaz ..xternal/pkg-mailman/trunk >

Good crack!

What about the upstream/ directory, then?

  : tfheen@yiwaz > svn up
  svn: Invalid editor anchoring; at least one of the input paths is not a directory and there was no source entry
  : tfheen@yiwaz > 

Good crack, I’m going to move this into arch or something.

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