GUADEC over, ACPI working.
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GUADEC is over and I’m currently sitting on the train back home. It’s been a good conference, meeting new and old people. The talks were ok-ish, but I realize that the real reason I go to conferences is the people. Chatting about both technical and non-technical issues is something I learn a lot from. In addition to the DDs there, the Skolelinux people, random GNOME/Ximian/Novell/RedHat hackers, I had the pleasure of meeting Bdale’s family.

At conferences, I have a tendency to run into Matthew Garrett, and I did this time as well. He helped me get ACPI working again, even though we didn’tmange to fix it properly. (Using a couple of patches off “the kernel bugzilla” I fiddled around with it on the train and it seems the ACPI controller doesn’t like to have its interrupt method (level or edge) fiddled with while restoring, so I just added it to the mask of reserved interrupts. It now seems to work just fine, suspend - resume - suspend works, and I think my network card works after resume. Yay, yay, yay!

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