Hardware sucks. Really.
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As you have noticed, both Planet Debian and my blog has been down for some days. This is due to hardware failure, and me being about 500kms away unable to fix it.

Today, I started at the task. I thought the problem was the main hard drive, which I no longer really think, but who cares. I removed the hard drive and copied the contents over to a new one. After a little fiddling, it seemed to work fine. Of course, it didn’t work fine, it just looked like it. fsck complained about “trying to access beyond end of partition” and similar, fun, errors. Of course, it was wrong, and after a little head-scratching, I gave up and repartitioned the disk.

So far, so good, but then the system died completely while I was working on it. Picking out all the eight hard drives, then putting them back in, one by one. Yeah, and the RAM slot on the motherboard is placed in such a way that you have to remove all the memory in order to move any of the hard disks. Excellent design.

Then, once that was fixed, the box refused to get on the net. It would receive packets, but not send any. Naturally, it made me angry, and I decided to break the network card, which I did. Two pieces. To add injury to insult, I had the misfortune of nearly trampling my left foot with my right one, so my foot hurt as well, not just my pride.

I left for Bjørn-Ove’s food and a few glasses of port and other wine instead. Much better, and thanks.

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