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The power supply on my laptop has been flaky for a while, but today, in the car, I used a car power supply which was fine and stable. I figured that something in my normal power supply was broken, but I didn’t know what. After a bit of inspection, it showed that the connector on the power supplies were a little bit different. Not much, and I fixed that by way of a little soldering. Of course, it didn’t help, so I tore most of the plug apart, soldered it and taped it together. Not too nice, but a lot more stable than earlier. Once I get back to Oslo or Trondheim, I’ll buy the needed parts and solder it properly, but for now, it’ll do.

After hacking that, I wanted to get on the internet to talk to my girlfriend and download mail. We had brought a nice pile of Ciscos, and my father’s laptop had a working modem. (Except that the modem turned out to be non-working.) None of the Ciscos wanted to play nice, but after I while I got on the net with his laptop (through an USB interface to the base station for the cordless phone). Verifying that the number was correct helped a bit. Also, turning on debugging is fairly useful. So, after about six hours of fooling around with the router, I got online. A bit more than I expected, but know I know a little more about how IOS is put together and what the thought processes are like.

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