Laptops and heat
1 minute read

Up until now, I have been most satistified with my laptop. It’s light enough, fast enough and has a decent screen. Lately, two problems have begun to prop up: The first is the AC adapter being broken. Actually, it’s not the adapter, it’s the the plug in the computer itself. I have actually managed to wear that more or less out. A quick visit to IBM should fix that, though. The second problem has to do with heat. Either, the newer 2.6 kernels are really, really funky when it comes to power management, or the CPU has turned old and grumpy and decided to get a bit hotter. Of course that gives me fair amount of problems, since the system then locks up intermittently, loses keystrokes and so on. I wonder what to do about this, since the system gets increasingly unuseable for me, and my laptop is turning from something I really, really enjoy working with into some sort of monster I have to fight instead.

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