svn2cvs, dotfiles
1 minute read

SVN already has cvs2svn. I needed something to do this the other way around. You probably think I’m crazy. I’m not (at least not because of this). I already have the biggest part of my dotfiles in CVS and have a working setup through joeyh’s sshanoncvs which works fine. I want to play around with subversion, so I have converted my CVS repository to SVN. Howerver, my home directory is checked out on a lot of boxes which don’t have any SVN client installed. So, I rather add a post-commit hook which updates my dotfiles each time I commit to the SVN repository. Quite neat.

Once I get some sort of decent access controls set up for this, I’ll just post a link to the script, but if you want a copy in the meantime, just drop me a mail.

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