chasing bugs on amd64
1 minute read

amd64 and multiarch seem to be the hot topic of the day. I’ve been trying to chase down something which I thought was a linker bug. Of course, it wasn’t a linker bug, it was a silly assumption somewhere in gcc. Or, at least I like to believe it is, since else it’s a bug somewhere in my lib64c6 package. Anyhow, lib64c6-dev and lib64c6 are almost ready; there are always some bugs which creep in at the last moment. Upgrading gcc seemed to fix my problem compiling binaries.

Most of my evening has been spent discussing how to do 64 bit packages should be implemented. The consensus seems to lean towards having lib64foo and libfoo packages for amd64 and i386 respectively. How to fix the -dev package problem is yet to be decided.

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