Upgrading kernels.
1 minute read

The last of the workstations at the student house is now rebooting with 2.6.1, so they should be safe from local exploits. At least the remap one. I really, really need a better way to do this, cfengine and some custom addition to make it possible to tell cfengine that “this is the minimum set of packages that are to be installed” would be nice; I wonder if debsync can be used.

While upgrading, I discovered a bunch of other, related problems, like system users which aren’t present on the workstations (because /etc/passwd and /etc/group are both rdisted), we need to get rid of the silly 15MB /boot on some of the boxes, get rid of ide-scsi and similar stuff.

I also did the discovery that the k7 kernel wasn’t too happy on an i686; X refused to start. At least, I thought it was because of the wrong arch. Later, I discovered that psmouse isn’t enough to get mouse working, one need the mousedev module as well. I’m looking forward to discover 2.

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