Vacation time
1 minute read

It’s been summer for a while already, but I have been busy with work and we have been busy with buying a house which we are taking possession of on August 1st. Together with that comes a zillion things to plan as well as a lot of packing (which we have barely started with).

We are also having a little bit of summer vacation. We took the train (and bus) to Molde yesterday with loads of luggage and Odin and everything. A bit of a stressful start, but it worked out ok and I got to read almost a whole book.

Today, we have been out for a walk, visiting some of Karianne’s family and helping put a boat on the water. We also spent a bit of time planning what we need to do (or don’t need to do) with the kitchen and two bathrooms. Not a very exciting day, but it’s vacation so that’s fine.

I also got an SMS from Mie (after a little bit of prodding) telling us she given birth to a small girl. Lots of congratulations from us here.

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