Good times
1 minute read

At the moment, life is quite good for a number of reasons:

  • I’m in the middle of switching jobs and the new job is already wonderful, with good people and interesting challenges. Leaving Canonical is not an easy thing with so many wonderful people there, but I need a change now.

  • We went to a party at Mie’s and Thomas’s on Saturday, which was good. Met up with some people I don’t think I’ve seen since New Year’s Eve 2000 and met some new people. Didn’t get back too late either.

  • ├ůsmund called and we had a small chat. We haven’t spoken for ages and ages, so that was good. He got married back in August. Congratulations!

  • Other various good news from other people.

In addition, the sun is shining I’m enjoying a couple of days of Easter vacation. In Oslo until Thursday when we are off to Hemsedal.

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