Financial stuff, musical and an arrest
1 minute read

Some time ago, I got an invitation to go to a musical (Singing in the Rain) from a financial company, Orkla Finans. Karianne and I went, first to a presentation (and a little bit of bubbly wine), then to the musical. I liked it quite a bit, Karianne was a bit disappointed. Lots of singing and dancing and stuff, as it should be.

It had started raining a little bit when we exited the theatre and started walking home. Halfway home, an unmarked police car with sirens and lights flashing passes us, then two uniformed cars. About a hundred meters ahead of us, the cars stopped and policemen jumped out. When we arrived, a couple of them were sitting on somebody on the ground. I snapped a couple of pictures and sent them off to a couple of papers so if they decide to use them I get a bit of money.

All in all, an eventful evening.

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