Travelling again
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After getting up at 0330 this morning (for some value of morning), I am now out travelling again, this time to Portland, Oregon. So far it’s been fairly eventless, but I have made some observations. I think I landed in a different terminal in Frankfurt or something like that, since I didn’t recognise anything there. Oh well. For some reason, I did not have to go through a secondary security check when coming in. Whether that’s because of randomness or the US having changed their policies, I have no idea. Pleasant enough, though.

The other thing that happened in Frankfurt was the woman in the boarding pass check area insisted on seeing a printout of my travel schedule, or rather, that I had a return flight booked. I don’t always care about those (what’s the point of an “electronic ticket” if you still have to carry around a bit of paper?), but luckily, I managed to find my printout fairly quickly. At Gardermoen, I had already given my hotel address, but the not-so-nice lady demanded I give them again.

What annoys me about all this is not so much the hoops I have to jump through each time, but rather the lack of predictibility. I would be fine with most procedures if they didn’t change every three months, seemingly for no other reason than change itself.

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