Random Saturday in Oslo
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We went to a friend’s moving-in party this Saturday, which was nice. Interesting people to talk with and I think Karianne enjoyed herself too. Not too many people I knew from before, but it’s always nice to expand the circle of people I know. One of them even works one floor below from where I sit.

As we left the underground on our way home, I hear the sound of brakes being applied with force. A taxi is about past a zebra crossing and a guy is yelling. The driver comes out, yells back at the guy. They both continue yelling for a short while and it looks like the driver is about to punch the other guy. He hesitates, then moves as if he’s about to get back into the car. Just out of a sudden, I see the taxi driver spit at the other guy. According to Karianne, the other guy spit first, but I can’t remember seeing that. He then gets back into the car and the other guy goes in front of the car so his friend can take the licence number (or taxi licence number) before he can drive off. (It’s A3397, by the way.) The driver then gets out again, and there’s more yelling before the two pedestrians wander off and the taxi drives off. I give my business card to one of them in case they need a witness to what happened. (This is why I’m writing this too, so I have a fairly fresh account of what happened.)

Luckily, nobody actually got hurt, but I find it completely unacceptable for a taxi driver to a) almost run down a pedestrian, then yell at same, b) spit at a pedestrian, even if he spit first and c) try to run off when the person offended is trying to record his licence plate and taxi licence number.

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