Married and all
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The last couple of months have been very, very busy and chief among what has been happening is I’m now a married man. Karianne and I were wed on August 5th in Molde. Lots of friends and family come over, including my grandfather who is 93 years old. Thanks to all of you! As soon as we have collected all the pictures taken I will post some links.

After the wedding, we went to Bulgaria at the Black Sea coast. We spent a week in “Sunny Beach” and yes, it was sunny. About three minutes of rain, a couple of hours of overcast; the rest of the time it was sunny. Temperature was between 25 and 30°C and it was not too humid either. It was really nice and I am happy we went there.

Most of the time after we came home again has been spent washing clothes, cleaning and tidying. Off again tomorrow, this time for an Ubuntu distro sprint in Germany.

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