Ubuntu in Paris, day five
1 minute read

Swimming this morning too, like the other days. There will be no swimming tomorrow due to the pool being closed on weekends, which is a shame. Hot tub and breakfast afterwards. I spent most of my morning reviewing specifications. Not very exciting, but work which needed to be done.

I caught up a little bit on the sleep front with a small nap in the afternoon before heading out for dinner. The dinner itself was quite nice. I sat next to Jeff Bailey who required three tries to actually get his vegan food. It was nice talking to everybody and we had great fun afterwards as well. We went out to a not-so-nearby pub and had a small look at the Notre Dame cathedral, though only from the outside. Notre Dame church.

Hung out with some people in the lobby before heading to bed. Amusing and fun, as usual. Sleepy and tired now.

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