Ubuntu in Paris, day four
1 minute read

The last day but one. As with the previous days, I went swimming. 30 lengths, but they were heavier than the previous days. I must be getting tired. We were a larger crowd and so had a little bit of traffic management problems, but it all worked out in the end. The hot tub is also quite nice. Breakfast afterwards before heading to work. I wrote a lot of live CD specs and also had good fun discussing some other specs.

In the afternoon, we had an ok dinner followed by Mako dragging Michael Johnson, Colin and I into a whisky BOF, which was nice. We had some very interesting discussions about the installer and conary (rpath’s packaging system and more).

I ended up going to bed around midnight, which isn’t too bad. Talked a bit with Karianne at different points in the day, but she’s on dialup from Molde and so isn’t too much around. It will be good to get back home again.

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