Ubuntu in Paris, day three
2 minutes read

I’ve gotten well into the habit of getting up at about 0700 and going for a swim. Thirty lengths this time as well, and Daniel Silverstone showed up when I was mostly through. We rounded up by sitting in the hot tub for a little while. Excellent way to start the day.

Later, I got started with my livecd specs and sessions. For one of them, nobody showed up to the BOF, which made my work much harder as I had to think up good solutions all by myself. Adam and I had our shortest session, the “Put language packs on a DVD livefs” on, which took about five minutes, then three times as much to write up.

In the afternoon, we had dinner, which was decent enough, but not very exciting. I miss my own food. Scott and I had some interesting (and semi-insane) discussions about file systems, suspending and the live cd. For fear of being put into a mental hospital, I won’t repeat the ideas here.

I also got to play with kprobes, a nice instrumentation technology and got it working well enough to record all open(2) calls. Now I just need to put them into a list and write it back when the probe is rmmod-ed.

This is all quite shiny and I’m happy. I also got to talk a bit with Karianne over the phone, she seems a bit too tired and would really, really, really like to have been here, but other than that quite happy. She also has a bit too much to do with some looming deadlines.

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