Ubuntu in Paris, day two
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Went swimming this morning too. 30 lenghts, which I reckon is about 500m. Not very far, but way more than I am used to. Most of the spec sessions were for other people than me, so I spent some time reading email and such. After a while, I had a headache and went to bed to sleep for a bit.

In the evening, Colin Watson and I went into Paris and met up with Daniel Stone for dinner. Quite good (much better than the food at the hotel) and with a very interesting dessert at the end: Lemon sorbet in a glass of vodka. Delicious and didn’t taste much of vodka at all. It’s always nice to see people I haven’t seen for a while again and it’s good to see that Daniel seems to be quite happy at his new job.

The trip back home itself wasn’t too eventful until we got to the airport a bit too late for the last shuttle bus and the taxis didn’t want to take us. We ended up walking over to where the shuttle buses were supposed to leave from and waited there for a little while. A couple of Americans showed up and they were apparently going SAS Radisson too. They called the hotel and tried to convince them to send out the shuttle bus, but to no avail. No bus came for us. We ended up grabbing a taxi (actually, two of them since we were five people) and I had a nice chat with them on the way back. Not that they knew much about Linux, but they had at least heard of it.

I got a very, very sweet email from Karianne which I just managed to read before power went out and my network connection dropped.

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