Stag party.
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Saturday, I was supposed to cut wood at my grandfather’s. Or so I thought. This was just a way to make sure I didn’t make too many other plans for that day since some of my friends (or actually, Ingvild) had decided to hold my stag party then. I was woken up by ferocious ringing at the inner doorbell and got up, grumbling. I guessed it was just somebody who had lost their keys and were on their way back from a party and thought ringing my doorbell was a good idea, but no. Flashes were flashing and people were cheering. At 0700 in the morning.

Well, I figured what was happening pretty quickly and put some clothes on, made a couple of sandwiches (or at least pieces of bread with something on). We drove out of the city, southwards, on the western side of the Oslo fjord. After I while, I guessed they were totally insane and were going to Torp where cheap flights to the rest of the world takes off from, but we weren’t. We drove onto a small airfield called Jarlsberg, like the cheese. I was supposed to do a tandem parachute jump, but due to bad weather I didn’t get to do it this time. But, I’ll be getting a jump later this summer.

So, we drove back to Oslo, this time I shared car with Anne, Mie, Thomas and Rune. Due to a misunderstanding, we had to return the car on the way and continued in a taxi from Skøyen. I had my suspicions on where we were going and they matched: Ringnes, close to Opera where I used to work.

There we attended “Ringnes beer school” which was quite nice and interesting and I started getting beer. That part obviously continued the whole afternoon and evening. Not much new information, but the guide obviously knew her stuff well enough and everybody was having a good time.

From there, we walked to Tåsen and Ingvild’s parents’s where a barbecue was held. I was still having a good time, but people were at this point trying quite hard to get me to drink faster and more. Food was nice, and there was a small quiz about how well I really knew Karianne. I didn’t do too well, but not utterly bad either. When the evening came and it slowly became colder, we walked back to Ingvild’s and Øystein’s where there was more beer and another quiz, this time I was asked to identify computer parts while blindfolded. I did quite well at that and everybody thought it was hilarious that I used my tongue to count pins and such.

At around 0200, everybody had left and I was put to bed (I think that’s the best term to describe it). I didn’t feel too bad the morning after, obviously a bit of an headache, but a litre of water and a book helped cure that quite well.

All in all, a very nice party. Lots of friends, both local ones and some who came from Bergen (my brother Kristian) and Trondheim (Magni). Steinar and Svein took a lot of pictures too.

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