Travelling (by air) sucks
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So, I’ve been to FOSDEM this weekend. Nice, lots of nice people, interesting talks, etc. I love the chaos of it all. It’s obviously annoying that the wireless network gives a new meaning to the work “unstable”, but even so, it’s not that important.

So, going out, the SAS plane left, for once, almost on time. Last time I was out flying, the (also SAS) plane out of London was approximtely two hours late. Of course, SAS claimed it was 1:50 rather than 2:00 late so we didn’t get any kind of compensation.

The plane out of Brussels was late. We got onto the plane at approximately the right time, except it was suddenly not a SAS plane. It was a Sterling plane. Less space. Ugh, and regional SAS planes suck enough already. So far so good, except the plane (or the control tower or the pilot or whatever) decided that sitting on the tarmac for the better part of an hour was a good idea. Hooray. We left Brussels about 50 minutes late.

Once I got to Oslo and got my baggage, I discovered that they’d managed to break one of the beer bottles in my luggage. A beer bottle which was tugged inside a big sweater. More ugh, now I have to get it cleaned somehow so it doesn’t smell old Belgian beer for the rest of its lifetime.

In addition to this, there’s the usual annoyances like it taking at least an hour in each end to actually get to the airport, there’s the silly airport security check and all the queues and delays.

I wish for the time when getting to Brussels by train will take four-five hours, leaving from Oslo central station, going to the centre of Brussels. No silly baggage handlers breaking stuff. No silly security checks with X-rays and so on. Just travel.

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