Tired and busy
1 minute read

It seems like all I can ever get myself to post about personal stuff at the moment is that I’m tired and busy. I have a lot of fun, but it’s exhausting to try to fix the whole world at once. Everything from cleaning up random junk we have lying about to de-icing the freezer, fixing the door to the freezer (finally, it has been hard to close since we got it), changing all the knobs in the kitchen (including putting some new ones up) to trying to play with some personal projects. Exhausting.

I’m hoping it calms down a bit after Christmas, but I’m absolutely not sure. It’s also scary to see the speed Christmas is closing in at. Not looking particularly forward to it, since I there are so many things about it I don’t like. I wonder what it will be like to celebrate it in Molde. Seeing family again will hopefully also be nice, but I wish I could have that part without all the commercialism and such of Christmas itself.

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