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Last afternoon, I sold my apartment in Trondheim. Apartments are selling for ridicolous prices, and even after the real estate agent have had his cut and all other expenses are paid, there’s a large lump of money left.

It’s a bit weird to cut that link to Trondheim, it’s not that long since I moved there and now it’s over again. It’s been a good time, so I’m not complaining, but it still feels weird. I am going to go back and visit friends and so on, though.

Karianne and I had an argument about where to put the furniture and what to do about the kitchen. It’s a nice kitchen, but there’s not enough horisontal space to work well there. It also has too few cabinets. I think we are mostly in agreement now, and I think we will end up with an even greater kitchen than what we already have.

This weekend, my father and I will be going to Trondheim to pick up the rest of the furniture there, so our flat down here should be a bit more civilised in a week or so. Also trying to spec out a new machine which I will be building, but I’m currently stuck on the graphics card, since I want decent 3d speed, 2xDVI and passive cooling. A few agents have been started, so I hope they come up with something.

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